And so it begins…again…

It’s hard to believe that over 17 years have come and gone. Yet I’m going to try my hand once more at some formalized writing for public consumption…   Last time it was at an old word processor and involved a lot of printing, cutting and pasting – literally!  My aspirations were a little ahead of the technology and my resources then, while technology and the mediums available now have evolved far beyond my early aspirations.

Nevertheless, while behind the curve just a bit, I firmly believe it’s never too late to return to something you love and never too daunting to try something new. Resigned to the fact I am not to be the heir to Mike Royko’s esteemed columnist career, I guess I can still aim to enlighten, entertain, engage and evoke…all in the hopes of making some positive contributions to the discourse, to in some small way make this world a better place.

A LOT of water has flowed under the bridge since the last issue of The Underground was brought to light thanks to the River Forest Travel postal meter and the USPS.  I’m sure some of that water will trickle through the Blake blog from time to time.

The changes in media, news, music, politics, culture and the speed at which we process and try to take it all in are astounding. Those changes will make it all the more easy and all the more difficult for an old dog like me to find good fodder for my posts while remaining relevant, refreshing, and rewarding for the reader. And yet, I am excited and energized by the challenge and the opportunity!

So hello and welcome! Here I am again and this new experiment begins… I hope to bring a few of you along with me in the days and months ahead and trust we may all come away a little better for the journey…I am not sure what’s next, but I am looking forward to writing it!

May your days be merry and bright… and to all, for now, a good night!


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